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Theresa Adkins 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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My Story

Over 15 years ago in Nov. 2008, I participated in a little vendor show. I was a quiet, shy, stay-at-home mom of 3 little ones trying to sell handmade blankets and other misc. items. Next to me was another quiet, shy lady with all this good smelling stuff! I didn’t know what she had, but I knew it smelled WONDERFUL!        Other vendors tried to recruit me that day, but NO! I wasn't going to sell something that I would never buy or use. I was not a big makeup person, couldn't justify buying expensive kitchenware, & wasn’t going to memorize big catalogs with lots of different things in them that were constantly changing. I started to think, hmmm....maybe I CAN do this! I went home and mentioned it to my husband. Maybe....just maybe. The next day of the show, I was all over her table asking all sorts of questions. That evening, I went home and signed up! I was excited to be able to do this with ADULTS! Ever since then, I have been blessed with TONS of new friends & never looked back!! Within a couple months of getting my 1st recruit, my business really began to take off! Due to many amazing customers, an awesome team, and hard work, I have earned 4 all-expense paid 5-day trips to Disney World, Punta Cana, Whistler, a Cozumel cruise, and most recently, a 5-day trip to Marco Island, FL in the summer 0f 2019!! Since I've started, I have been able to go to Riviera Maya, a cruise to the Bahamas and even Cancun with a lot of our leaders! PLUS, our yearly conventions have been all around the states - Salt Lake City twice, Denver, Fort Worth, Vegas twice, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Nashville, Kansas City, Anaheim, Austin, and most recently, Charlotte! One day, I hope to grow my Scentsy big enough so that my husband can have more control over his time. Scentsy is an amazing company! I know that if I continue to focus on sharing the blessing of Scentsy, not only will this happen, but I’ll be able to help make a difference in others' lives, too! All this and MORE from a company that “Parties for a Living” all Around the World! I’d LOVE for YOU to JOIN MY TEAM and start working toward YOUR dreams TODAY! Interested? Have questions? Let's chat! (346) 439-1108

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